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Welcome to the Chroniclez Podcast Page! An Uncensored, Unfiltered & Uncut look into the world of news, entertainment, music, politics, movies & sports. Nothing is taboo and you never know what topic will be discussed. Thank you for tuning in!!
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Welcome to the Chroniclez Podcast Page! An Uncensored, Unfiltered & Unbiased look into the world of news, entertainment, music, politics, movies & sports.  Hosted by Cuzzo & Docious, we hope to bring you great conversation and take a little of the stress out of your day. Nothing is taboo and you never know what topic will be discussed.  Thank you for tuning in!!

Oct 17, 2019

Docious feels his kivo box isn’t giving him a bang for his buck. Cuzzo shares his disappointment in El Camino. Colin Kaepernick had a press release last week to answer some questions. We go local with a story that has made national news this week and a recent sentencing from a story from years ago. Cuba Gooding Jr. has more alleged news and the CNN exposed youtube series has hit the internet. Docious talks why he doesn't listen to other local podcasts.


Extra Media:


Off The Table:

CNN Exposed:

Part 1:


Part 2:


Local Story:


Cuba Gooding Jr.


Oct 10, 2019

Some residents in Northern California are currently out of power and someone shoots at a PG&E truck in Sacramento. Gas in L.A. is almost at $6? We talk buying bootleg phones online and having buyers remorse. Do you think that funny business went on with the Joshua Brown murder? Cuzzo has thoughts on the Joker movie and discusses starting a Chroniclez facebook page. We have a boxing debate and ask for a Claressa Shields interview, a mom barters her child for a 1992 Plymouth Laser & more! 


Extra Media:



No New Friends:

1992 Plymouth Laser:

Joshua Brown:


Oct 3, 2019

Cuzzo’s talks about an inappropriately dressed nurse. Should nurses be allowed to dress how they want around kids? Docious has a friend that wants to pick Cuzzo’s brain. Amber Guyer gets sentenced but was it enough time? What if the situation was reversed? An officer in Hong Kong pulls the ratchet out on a protester and lets it ring. The Birds Of Prey trailer looks meh should people be excited? Cuzzo is ready to see the Joker movie. Very high praise for AEW Dynamite, the Amari Allen story turns out to be a hoax and some Porter vs Spence thoughts. 


Extra Media:

Officer shoots protestor in Hong Kong:

Indonesian Reporter injured:

Amari Allen Hoax:




Sep 26, 2019

Start the morning off with coffee and crackers per Docious! IT chapter 2 didn’t live up to our expectations and Docious treated a friend much to his dismay. The whistleblower turns out to.......not be a whistleblower? What part of the game is this? We discuss the plastic bag ban in town, two vloggers get arrested at Area 51 and Cuzzo wants to get some commercials made for the podcast to post to social media but Docious says do it yourself LOL. We also talk about the story of a very unusual trip to the doctors office. 




Extra Media:

Ukraine Call Transcript:


Whistleblower Complaint:


He say, She say, They say:


Check Up Gone Wrong:


Annual Health Insurance Costs Hit Record High:



Sep 19, 2019

This episode truly goes to shambles. Docious has complaints about his phone bill and wants answers from Cuzzo. The Revolt summit was this week and we give our thoughts. We have a debate about T.I vs Tip and if he should take some ownership for the rise of Trap music. Tekashi 69 is tellin it all in court including droppin Cardi B and Jim Jones names. Kamala sliding in the polls, someone takes bricks to a nail salon and Docious gets blown up.......repeatedly LOL.


Extra Media:


Ed Buck:


Media Manipulation:


Revolt Summit:


Immigration Court Backlog:


Storm Area 51 Gone Wrong:



Sep 12, 2019

Docious talks about how things are unfolding while getting his business going. Does the average person still remember 9/11 the way they did years ago or does the newer generation not care as much? Are you excited about the new iphone 11’s and IWatch series 5 after this weeks Apple presentation or nah? Does anyone care about the upcoming democratic debates? Another week and Cuzzo thinks the shenanigans on Power is getting over the top. Subway side fresca juices, Docious troubleshooting phone issues & more!




Extra Media:


DOJ rejects McCane appeal to avoid charges:


Supreme Court on Asylum:


Full Apple event:


Hi IOS 13 in 10 minutes:


Apple Watch Series 5 key details:



Sep 5, 2019

This week we do a couple of Chroniclez "What If" scenarios. Jay Z has a new controversial clip that has people talking. Has the Popeye's chicken sandwich wait time made people resort to pistol play? Facebook is considering getting rid of likes is that good or bad? Dave Chappelle has the SJW's going crazy over his new special still. R Kelly has been moved into general population, ridiculous hurricane coverage, Tekashi 6ix9ine's music videos and lyrics to be used by prosecutors, the Rick Ross book & mini horses on a plane.



Extra Media:

Facebook News:


Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich News:


Military Times News:


NOAA backs the President:







Aug 27, 2019

Docious starts off with a accidental friend request story. Cuzzo talks his teen being absent from school and keeping tabs. Docious ends up being right about Power and street shows. Paul Mooney is in the news this week for what?? Did Sticks & Stones lift Chappelle to the best stand up comedian of this generation? What is the Popeye’s chicken sandwich popularity about? Cuzzo gives his thoughts on TM104 and Apple says they are sorry. Docious is right yet again after Cuzzo says he might get a Galaxy Note 10. Enjoy!



Extra Media:

OIG Report (Comey)


Richard Pryor Jr. speaks:


Paul Mooney news:




Apple says sorry:


Lawrence O’Donnell misreporting:




Aug 21, 2019

Cuzzo goes into part two of the story from last week. McDonald’s in town has kiosks now that aren’t dummy proof. A new Sonics has hit town but is it worth it? We continue the chat about the Jay Z and NFL deal but Cuzzo dips out for a hot sec (4-5 min intermission) ROFL. Does Docious hold it down while he is gone? It seems Spiderman is out if the MCU, cuzzo gets a response from a question from two episodes ago and more!




Extra Media:

Podcasts the new self help book:


Trump Approval rating:


California Homeless Issue:


Tlaib Blames Senior Democrats:


Job Growth Reduced:









Aug 16, 2019

Coco is in the building! Cuzzo talks about his new job and makes a bold statement again. Jay Z has a new deal with the NFL. Is this a positive or negative? Does this make him a hypocrite? The question is posed who is a better rapper Rick Ross or Young Jeezy? Do we look past the gangster image just for the music? Did the hitman hangman come for Epstein or was it just a regular suicide? Do Coco and Docious think it’s a done deal for R Kelly yet? 



Extra Media:

Epstein News:


Bernie and the 99.9 percent:


Job Fair After ICE Raids:


Kaepernick’s Girlfriend Speaks on Jay Z deal:





Aug 9, 2019

Cuzzo recaps some of his vacation. Should family vacation commercials have disclaimers? T’Chaka went missing and we have no clue where he is. Cuzzo gives his idea to counter mass shootings the B.Q.R.F. Docious has an interesting question for DHS, the Kamala Harris “black card”, the Rich Paul situation, and does every job that requires a degree really need one? Docious’ ridiculous sunburn cure and just exactly who is Captain Cellular??



Extra Media:

Campaigning Gone Wrong:


Things Not Mentioned in Manifesto:











Aug 1, 2019

It’s Docious’ choice this week for topics. He asks Cuzzo if he suspects anyone of being racist. Baltimore news is discussed and we pose the question of how responsible is Cummings for the situation? Cuzzo makes a suggestion to have a “Presidential Draft”. It could be ANYBODY and we talk about how it could possibly work. Would Obama have won under a different scenario? Somebody seems to be messin up measurements on the digital scales at work LOL. Cuzzo gets ready for his vacation, Docious need to get his instagram going and much more! 



 Extra Media:


Baltimore Issues:,amp.html


Trump Scores Border Victories:


CNN L’s Continue:


9/11Bill signing Attendance Issue:


Comey News:





Jul 26, 2019

We discuss Pacquiao getting the victory over Thurman. Docious doesn’t believe the Erica Thomas story one bit. Was it all for show? Bernie seems to have a minimum wage dilemma. Should he practice what he campaigns on? The Mueller testimony did not go well but was it because father time has arrived? Cuzzo is getting ready for his vacation and gives the drivers seat to Docious. The Marvel Universe has a new Blade and Cuzzo asks Docious to watch the Netflix Bob Lazar documentary. 


Extra Media:


Erica Thomas Story:


Witness Statement:


Mueller deflects:


Hispanics Favor Deportation:


Sanders vs Minimum Wage:

Part 1:


Part 2:







Jul 16, 2019

Sleepy Docious is in the building! We dive right into the twitter controversy and give our thoughts on it and the local news misreporting. We talk about how comments were made on both sides and also if being too negative on our country is a bad thing. RKelly is arrested again and denied bail. Cuzzo thinks it's over but does Docious think the case could still be beat? The Breakfast Club is apparently the new spot for 2020 candidates? Cuzzo asks Docious if he will come with him to live stream from area 51 in September. Could a plan of rushing the base work? And did you know Pacquiao was fighting Thurman this weekend? Enjoy! 




Extra Media:

CBO on The Effects on Employment and Family Income of Increasing the Federal Minimum Wage:


Area 51 storm coming:


How popular is the squad:


Northam steps up contributions:


Omar’s past comments:


Tlaib comment:


Holocaust remarks:


Black Caucus member charges AOC with playing race card:


Pelosi Stands by Dismissal Of Freshman Democrats:




Jul 11, 2019

Cuzzo can’t find a single fan in town, but luckily it’s raining. Docious asks an interesting question about independent artists. California has a few earthquakes and we contemplate if the BIG One is near. Stranger Things was a short season and Cuzzo disapproves. Docious has an emergency during the Epstein news which is looking to no longer be conspiracy theory. Should there be a change in laws for sex workers? And last but not least we talk the Disneyland fight. Enjoy!


Extra Media:

Epstein Article:


Epstein’s Lawyers offer plea deal:


Madam possibly talking:


 UT Scholarship:


Hispanic voters approve of census:


11th Hour:





Jul 5, 2019

It’s still a heatwave in town as we are hitting record highs. What makes Alaska so much hotter? Docious can swim but what’s his limit? Kaepernick and Nike “Just say No” to a colonial flag shoe. Sylvester Stallone charges over $1,000 for selfies. What are our overall thoughts from the debates last week? Should Obama endorse Biden this early? Stranger things season 3 early thoughts, Cuzzo talks about his recent experiences and gives thoughts on a closed chapter in his life. Excuse the fan in background but it’s HOT! 


Extra Media:



Toxic Work Environment:


Sylvester Stallone selfies:


Kaepernick & Nike:



Jun 28, 2019

It's a heatwave in town and we are recording no fans, no air conditioning. We chop it up while the debates are still going on. Kamala went after Biden about race but all candidates but one dodged a topic that is heavy in the African American community right now. Cuzzo is looking into getting Chroniclez t-shirts made are you interested? Child's Play was not all it was cracked up to be (spoiler in this episode). Docious recommends "16 Shots" on Netflix and Docious recalls his work days. We went as long as we could with no cool air LOL. 

Jun 19, 2019

We celebrate our 100th episode with laughs and say “Thank You”. What did Docious think of the reparations hearing? Do we think anything will come from it? Cuzzo is ready for the new Childs Play movie. Tyson Fury won in vegas over the weekend  and now everyone wants Wilder vs Fury II. Docious live in Spain? Cuzzo went to a strip club his first day in Fairbanks and we talk favorite episode laughs. All this and more! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to listen to our show!

Jun 13, 2019

Docious has issues with habitual line cutters. Dark Phoenix has burned Cuzzo’s Xmen patience to the ground. Big Papi aka Ortiz had some recent Dominican Republic issues. We discuss “When They See Us” and “The Dirt” on Netflix. T’Chaka starts wildin on someone outside, Cuba Gooding Jr. recent news, opposition research sorta explained to Docious and 50 cent gets an unexpected third wheel on his date. Happy Fathers Day.....forreal this time LOL.


Extra Media:


Motley Crue:


Cuba Gooding Jr grope case:


Who will pay for the news:


50 cent on a date:


CNN falling hard:


Big Papi:


Obama Administration deleted ice speeches on immigration crisis:



Jun 7, 2019

Docious and son are in the building! Cuzzo went on a movie binge with Godzilla, John Wick 3 and Rocketman. WWDC19 was... ok but what about that iphone block feature that is coming? We discuss Ruiz Jr vs Joshua from last weekend and what could happen in a rematch. Docious gives his thoughts on “When They See Us” as well as the Chernobyl HBO series. Are you going to see X-men Dark Phoenix? Jay Z is a billionaire, US and Mexico are trying to make a deal and Docious talks the birds and the bees! 


Extra Media:

YouTube Purge:


Record Immigration Numbers:


CNN is hurting:


Pew Research Poll fake news a problem:



May 31, 2019

Cuzzo gets no love in the drive thru of Carl's Jr. R Kelly has a new batch of charges and the Smollett unseal of more than 400 pages has dropped. Is there alot of fake Nipsey Hussle love going on? Cuzzo has a renewed confidence thanks to the AEW ppv. AG Barr came to Anchorage to participate in a Alaska Native Justice forum. Jay Z catches heat for investing in a GPS company. Martin Luther King has alleged tapes out. What do we think about it? And what should happen with pointless tv shows? 


Extra Media:


MLK Tapes:


AG Barr in Anchorage:


More R Kelly charges:


Fired in North Korea:





May 24, 2019

Docious has a bad experience at a local Raising Cane. The Game Of Thrones series finale is finally over and it was meh. The petition is now over 1.5 million signatures so should season 8 be remade? ESPN says no to politics but is that good or bad? Trump has dropped the declass hammer and the Jussie unsealing is happening. Cuzzo is giving wrestling one more chance with the “Double Or Nothing” ppv this weekend. It’s a slow episode so pull up a seat and chill with us slow motion style. 


Extra Media:

ESPN says No:


You are NOT the father:


Pentagon admits it investigates UFO’s:


DOJ vs AP:


Why You Should Not Publish Podcasts on YouTube:






May 17, 2019

Welp, once again we are Shadow banned LOL. Why? How? It’s time to find out. Cuzzo talks about his cable issues during last weeks Game Of Thrones episode. What are our predictions for the finale? We talk the recent abortion ban in Alabama. Are you pro choice or pro life? What do we think will happen in the end? Power and Empire are coming to an end but are gangster shows dying out? De Blasio has announced but does Docious care? Cuzzo wants a top notch car wash at a low price courtesy of Docious. 


Extra Media:

Fugee Charged:


Supreme Court says IPhone users can sue:


Latest Approval:


GOT Spoilers:


White House Tech bias form:





May 10, 2019

Disclaimer: In this episode we discuss possible Game Of Thrones upcoming spoilers. Cuzzo is still frustrated with GOT. The executive privilege card has been played and Barr in contempt? How did this happen? Why is Comey having a townhall? What does Docious think of the new Pixel 3a? Trump taxes from long ago are out but does the average person care? Has Cuzzo given up his WWE watching for good? Enjoy!


Extra Media:


Latest Border Numbers:


Game Of Thrones Coffee Cup:


Over Kamala’s Head:


Trump Female Donors:


WWE ratings:



Apr 29, 2019

Disclaimer: This episode contains spoilers for both Avengers Endgame as well as Game Of Thrones Battle for Winterfell. Cuzzo talks about his Alaska Press Club banquet experience. Keith Sweat is coming to town and we try to rank him in the world of R&B. Some Kia Sol problems that are getting fixed. T’Chaka is on the loose and Cuzzo picks who he is rolling with this Cinco De Mayo weekend for Canelo vs Jacobs!


Extra Media:


Facebook ban:


Captain Marvel comic sales crumbling:


Media Ratings:





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