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Welcome to the Chroniclez Podcast Page! An Uncensored, Unfiltered & Unbiased look into the world of news, entertainment, music, politics, movies & sports. Nothing is taboo and you never know what topic will be discussed. Thank you for tuning in!!
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Welcome to the Chroniclez Podcast Page! An Uncensored, Unfiltered & Unbiased look into the world of news, entertainment, music, politics, movies & sports.  Hosted by Cuzzo & Docious, we hope to bring you great conversation and take a little of the stress out of your day. Nothing is taboo and you never know what topic will be discussed.  Thank you for tuning in!!

Apr 20, 2018

Cuzzo is ready to make it short and sweet so he can go get the new God Of War game. We start with a rant and a little bit of "I told you so". Is AB's latest outburst taking away from his fights and could it cost him future business with promoters? The Starbucks story drives us head to head and we go off the rails or is Cuzzo just high? Docious gets an apology for once in a lifetime. Ben Shapiro has struck a nerve apparently and are Docious' plans of gentrification an illusion of grandeur in a deluxe apartment in the sky ROFL??

Apr 13, 2018

Cuzzo comes to the realization that his place might be haunted. James Comey is ready to ABC. Cohen gets raided for Hollywood Access information. We go through some of the conflicts of interest regarding the Mueller investigation. We talk sex workers outlets getting shut down, Zuckerberg at Capitol Hill and Docious says how he would check the media on his sex life. Should we just pull out of Syria all together?? Nas is coming to town and it’s Billy Blanks geeeeezz. Enjoy!!

Apr 6, 2018

Cuzzo announces that he is back in the gym. Conor McGregor seems to be in big trouble. Sources say Mueller said Trump what??? We give a no punches pulled take on immigration. Docious takes us into his paradox and gives his thoughts on flat earth, creation and time travel. What would it average a family of four at the new local Dave and Buster's?? Enjoy!!

Mar 30, 2018

We answer questions that you sent us to the best of our abilities while Cuzzo smokes and Docious second hand smokes LOL. Thank you for supporting us and any questions for future episodes please email Enjoy!!

Mar 23, 2018

Cuzzo smokes the whole episode! We could care less if Stormy Daniels slept with Trump. Do you? Comey has a book coming out and McCabe gets fired but is it justified? McMaster is out as well and Docious says what he would do about Mueller. We talk a local transgender issue and we pose a question to the listeners and hopefully you guys can help us get it. What’s in the new 1.3 trillion budget you ask?? When is it necessary or proper to "check in" when visiting another city? This and more so roll one up with us LOL. (This episode contains adult conversation)

Mar 16, 2018

It's Cuzzo's birthday and he is soaking it all in. We give our thoughts on Gina Haspel and we go back and forth on the torture debate. Is Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un a good idea and should he get credit for atleast sitting down with him? Cuzzo reflects on life at 37, his time in the military, the reason for the podcast and why he isn't really seeking donations or sponsors.......for now LOL.  

Mar 2, 2018

Cuzzo and Docious weirdly review the Black Panther movie. It's the comic fan versus the general fan in an epic battle. Wait Docious didn't even stay for the post credits...........WHAT? Cuzzo says how he thinks it matches up in the overall MCU. As of today Anchorage gas is taxed .10cents a gallon. Anchorage officials dispute a recent NBC report on Russian meddling. More Monique news, Cuzzo finally sheds light on contacting the Mayors office multiple times. We also would like to thank you for making February our highest month of downloads. Enjoy!


Show notes:

Feb 16, 2018

At&T says they are giving rebates for battery issues? Does the presidential portrait and first lady portrait look good? Can we really keep talking about school shootings with real solutions? America is after all the biggest weapons dealer in the world. Docious reflects on parenting and Cuzzo also touches on his relationship with his parents. We reflect on Black history and if reflection is enough or do we need African American politicians doing more for the black community.

Feb 7, 2018

It's Docious' birthday this episode and we celebrate. He reflects on his life and drops some serious gems. What did we think of Justin Timberlake's halftime show and the Prince tribute? Are Superbowl commercials not what they used to be? We but heads once again on movies this time on The Cloverfield Paradox. We shed more light on Black Panther and why the buzz could be so big but why not for other movies?? Is the good doctor a good show or is it just Enjoy!!

Feb 3, 2018

We in the building doing multiple takes LOL! Cuzzo and Docious discuss the memo that was released to the public.  What did we learn or not learn? Is FISA important? Why doesn't the public really care about surveillance and if more is to come. Mo'Nique wants people to boycott Netflix but we just don't think anyone cares lol. DJ Vlad interviews 2pacs rape accuser Ayanna Jackson. Why now? Cuzzo goes in 1000 percent! Is Black Panther being overhyped? Why isn't Luke Cage or Black Lightning getting the same treatment?  All this and more! 

Jan 19, 2018

Cuzzo is lit and goes in for this episode that might raise eyebrows. We revisit Diddy on Drink Champs. We have had it with the media and feel it is time for new media on television. Should your news be free on cable? Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson gets ridiculous questioning. Docious has his hardest laugh yet over dentures. Hawaii has a fake missile alert but was the excuse legit? Gov. Walker asks lawmakers to approve new crime bill, and why the FBI secrecy with Stephen Paddock?? Lastly Docious has too many f****n phones!!!

Jan 12, 2018

Cuzzo and Docious give thoughts on the Golden Globes and whether they think Oprah should run for president. James Franco seems to be in the hot seat now with the "me too" movement but is it only after he won an award? What kid really wants to be the coolest monkey in the jungle? Is the mother not taking the issue seriously enough? Cuzzo poses the question does talent outweigh morals? Ginuwine isn't with the B.S. and Docious has a long time issue with T.I. that some people might have forgot about. Enjoy!

Jan 5, 2018

Happy New Year everyone! We are back for the first episode of 2018.  Cuzzo and Docious go head to head in a debate over the Netflix Will Smith movie Bright. Is it good or garbage? Docious goes in on SB91 and if he thinks it factors into local crime. Apple admits that it slows down older model iphones so now what?? Is Cuzzo still going to get the iPhone X? We give our thoughts on Mike Tyson is getting in on the marijuana business, Floyd Mayweather sets the record straight on the UFC rumors and will Black Panther be as good as promised or will it be pushed aside for other hero movies now that the Disney and Fox deal is done?

Dec 29, 2017

We are closing 2017 with a hilarious episode. Docious still has sexual assaults on his mind this week and we talk Baltimore setting a new record for killings. Is the new generation of youngsters a part of the issue? On a local level the anchorage mayor is proposing a bill to sell ML&P to Chugach but what does that mean for people paying for utilities? Lastly, we get into a hilarious debate on the recent government UFO secret unit that leads into...well who knows LOL. Cuzzo is a believer Docious isn't so sold yet. Do you believe??

Dec 2, 2017

Right back at you for the 25th episode of the show. We discuss feedback about the previous episodes and what Cuzzo and Docious have learned so far, the media, the government and how people intake their news. Cuzzo questions whether or not he was sexually assaulted and we look at the latest cases and possible flipside of the coin. Tyrese is old news but still gets read his rights. Denzel Washington's latest comments and Cuzzo gets a series 3 IWatch and Fitbit. Thank all of you for listening, laughing, loving and hating us for 25 episodes! R.I.P Harold Bryant aka Stretch!!

Oct 28, 2017

We are back in the building and ready to cool out for this hour long episode. We talk about the Ciara and Russell Wilson photo that seems to be reworking its way into social media. Should there be biological father drama if the mother of your kids gets remarried? The Kardashians got how much for 5 more years? Looks like the truth is starting to come out on the DNC once again. Cuzzo appreciates the Black Podcasters. Enjoy these topics and more!

Oct 21, 2017

Cuzzo is ecstatic over his new 4K Ultra HD television. Docious didn't know AT&T had an unlimited plan and wants new ways to jack music.  The NFL still seems to be the talk of the town. Is Trump's widow comments fact or hearsay? Cuzzo goes in on the Breakfast Club, and Docious reconsiders his media intake. Is it time for us as a community to pull the plug on worldstarhiphop? We also talk R&B playlists and more!!

Oct 6, 2017

Cuzzo is regaining his footing after falling to the seasonal ....whatever this is.  Docious spends the episode talkin shit and counting cash. Why is he not feeling his landlord? What is the new NFL protest really about? Is Vegas Casino lack of security the reason for this weeks shooting? Who is to blame? Should Docious be a guest on A.H.C.A.H.H atleast pre-1998? Cuzzo reads America it's rights about bias politics. Can you see the bs in you favorite politician or president? Enjoy!!

Sep 19, 2017

Cuzzo and Docious are back in the building diving into multiple topics. Cuzzo breaks down why he thinks that Canelo won the fight last weekend against GGG and also gives Docious a Game Of Thrones history lesson. Will we be buying the new Series 3 IWatch? Docious reflects on the hustle days and parenting. What tv shows we are watching currently and Docious dreads the current WWE product.  These topics and much more!!

Sep 9, 2017

Cuzzo pokes his chest out over the Mayweather vs McGregor results (yes he is talkin trash). Is Joel Osteen a modern day snake oil salesman? Can a person be religious and still believe in climate change? Hillary Clinton has a new book and Docious could care less. We reflect on some favorite podcasting moments so far since we started. Lastly we discuss the new movie it and some brief old school horror talk.

Aug 23, 2017

We discuss the upcoming PPV event this weekend and give our thoughts. What does McGregor need to do to win? What Mayweather's strategy could be and we give our predictions for the outcome. We also briefly touch on the latest Jon Jones failed test news.

Aug 16, 2017

We are back this week with special guest Ken Dog in the house!  We discuss the events of Charlottesville and what led to it.  They sell tiki torches at Walmart? Looks like healthcare could be going up again. Who is profiting from unaffordable care? We talk about cost of living especially ridiculous utility costs. The iPhone 8 will retail at over $1000? Smh and Docious is curb servin during the podcast and much more! Geeez LOL!!

Aug 4, 2017

Docious picked the topics this week and we go right into a serious topic on why there are no police convictions. What can we do to improve the justice system and police relations? Is child support fair and do judges favor the mothers over the fathers? Cuzzo finally saw the 2pac movie and gives his opinion. We also dive into what's hot on tv and movies right now, briefly talk about Mozzy vs C-Bo & Brotha Lynch and more!

Jul 27, 2017

Cuzzo just came back from an audition to play as an extra in a movie and Docious explains his reasons against it. We talk Trump's decision on transgenders in the military and we thought we could not talk about Russia didn't go as planned. Why is the African American community more worried about R Kelly and Usher instead of political issues? Do we still think Bernie Sanders jigaboo'd for Hillary? Skip Bayless doesn't know what a pull counter is?? Pacquiao's recent loss to Jeff Horn and we end with a Docious topic on if Eminem is a top lyricist.  Lastly Docious says f**k jury duty LOL. Enjoy!

Jun 16, 2017

We discuss Bill Maher use of the **N**word. Did Ice Cube help or hurt the situation?  Steve Harvey dissing Flint Michigan?? Sup with that? House of Cards new season running dam near parallel with the current times? Cuzzo is on his conspiracy talk again.  We applaud Wonder Woman and Mayweather vs McGregor is on!!

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